Meet Chip

Welcome to the NEW and IMPROVED Webco Dental Website and Online eCommerce Site! My name is Chip and I am the official Mascot of Webco!

Look for me on our website, Facebook, Twitter, and at local events with Super Secret Squirrel Specials (the 4 S's) that ONLY I can provide you with. I will go into the warehouse and dig out promotions, contests, buy/gets, and all kinds of fun things to add some spice to our day!

You can also meet me in person at local schools and hospitals for Hygiene Days and Fun local Sponsoring events. We LOVE to support our community and I also bring fun things and giveaways with me!

Webco is NOT your everyday dental supply and equipment company…and that's why I am SOOO happy to be their mascot and more! Don't be a “chip off the OLD block"…try Webco out and find out why we make each day a positive experience!