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ImageNameMfg#PriceQTYActionManufacturerPage Size
FIBRA POINT-BARREL PREMIER555-2019030call for price13420
FIBRA POINT-TAPERPREMIER555-2019031call for price13420
Alpen SwissFlex Intro Kit Strips and DiscsCOLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP250095KTcall for price4920
POINT, HARDPREMIER555-2019022call for price13420
Alpen SwissFlex Strip SC & C 2MM Strip (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232015STcall for price4920
BARREL, SOFT PREMIER555-2019023call for price13420
Alpen SwissFlex Strip SC & C 4MM Strip (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232016STcall for price4920
TWO STRIPER COMP FINISHING KIT PREMIER555-2013557call for price13420
Alpen SwissFlex Strip Md & F 4MM Strip (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232017STcall for price4920
Alpen SwissFlex Strip 4mm Strip Kit SC, C, M, F (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP250094KTcall for price4920
POLI-PRO INTRO KIT PREMIER555-2019070call for price13420
OptraPol NG AssortmentIVOCLAR VIVADENT695-634464call for price9620
OptraPol NG cup refill/10IVOCLAR VIVADENT695-634459call for price9620
OptraPol NG large flame refill/10IVOCLAR VIVADENT695-634461call for price9620
OptraPol NG lens refill/10IVOCLAR VIVADENT695-634460call for price9620
OptraPol NG small flame refill/10IVOCLAR VIVADENT695-634458call for price9620
Alpen SwissFlex Disc 1/2" Super Coarse Disc (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232019RAcall for price4920
Alpen SwissFlex Disc 3/8" Super Coarse Disc (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232020RAcall for price4920
Alpen SwissFlex Disc 1/2" Coarse Disc (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232021RAcall for price4920
Alpen SwissFlex Disc 3/8" Coarse Disc (80 pk)COLTENE WHALEDENT710-RP232022RAcall for price4920